Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In the interests of mentally stimulated toddlers and sane mothers, OperaSingingMummy and I take our kids to the museum.

Here we can ooh and ahhh and marvel at the trains and cars - and that's just on the walk from the parking station, we're not even in the building yet.

Obviously if i am taking my toddler on a four hour outing i must pack as if I am a normal person spending a weekend in the wilderness.

Into the faithful Kapoochi bag go the nappies and wipes and hand sanitizer (in case, i don't know, there is a display of cholera at the museum and Tricky tries to stick a petri dish in his mouth) and hat with strings and two kinds of sunscreen because I have forgotten there's already one in there. I will also have to throw in a variety of toys (why? We're going to the frigging museum you idiot, the place is full of toys) and a drink bottle and then several little plastic boxes that contain his sandwiches, two baby cheeses, two boxes of sultanas, two pieces of fruit etc etc.

Obviously I must take two of every conceivable treat just in case the other toddler wants one too. This is a strict rule of joint outings with other toddlers. There are also extra trousers, shirt and jacket just in case he a) falls into the bubbler and b)there is a sudden cold snap (true, we're in the middle of a near heat wave BUT YOU NEVER KNOW.)

OperaSinging Mummy packs in a similar manner and thus, laden with snacks and spare clothes, we lumber about the museum with our tiny, tyrannical offspring baying at our heels. Obviously ten minutes after arrival we must break for snacks ( two boxes of sultanas, two lollipops, two cookies) before spending another twenty minutes riding up and down in the glass lifts and waving to the people on each floor.

When proper lunch time occurs we make our way to the lounge area and in a piece of excellent timing, manage to snaffle a set of comfy chairs. We gratefully collapse as the children sit down to their three course sandwiches/fruit/more cookies lunch which is when we realise that neither OperaSinging Mummy nor I have actually prepared lunch for ourselves.

We could go outside and buy a sandwich, OperaSinging Mummy muses but I say no because it will take us a week to pack everyone up again and it's really hot outside and we shall have to fight the midgets to make them keep their hats on. And i'm tiiiiiiired.

So we slump in our seats and eye off Tricky and Sebastian's lunchboxes until finally they are done with gnawing out the soft centres of their cream cheese sandwiches and we are thrown a few crusts.

Crusts, i say to OperaSinging Mummy. Look at how low we have fallen. We are having crusts for lunch.

Yes, she says. And the great tragedy is...I had crusts for breakfast too.


Anonymous said...

My latest motto is 'don't leave home without a packet of rice crackers.' It feeds kids and parents of all ages!

Maggie May said...

When I go off with grandchildren I take a packet of oatcakes and spare pants and a sick bag & something to mop up with, wet wipes and sunhats and rain coats..... well we are in England when anything can happen!

Betty F said...

Sounds like an exhausting Day!

Betty M said...

My problem is I have all my meals plus the scraps which explains the failure to reach pre-child weight. Ah well.

Anonymous said...

I had crusts for dinner last night!

I'm afraid to take WIll to the museum. He's a very hands-on kind of boy.

Nico said...

Crusts can make a very satisfying meal. Not. But sometimes that's all you get!

Funny that Tricky likes just the cream cheese too. We're trying very hard to convince Ant that when he has a bagel with cream cheese the bagel is also edible. Crackers with hummus too. Yes, one CAN eat the cracker, it is not just a vehicle. And then sometimes we cave and just give him hummus on a spoon.

Anonymous said...

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