Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Say so

Tricky's vocabulary has been increasing in leaps and bounds.

Many's the time we sit and chat, he and I, perhaps over a chilled sippy cup of milo milk and a zucchini muffin.

Early in the morning we might discuss a passing garbage truck ( iss got fashing lights!) or ponder the mysterious opening and shutting of a neighbour's garage door (door go up and car comes out. Now door go down!).

We might lightly debate the pros and cons of watching Charlie & Lola before we have our weetbix (YES! Mine watch NOW!) , or playfully spar over whether or not we really need to wear trousers. (NOOOOOOOOOOO!)

Of course I am not particularly essential to his conversation skills, he'll happily yarn with his teddy bears or his dinosaurs, and often in the bath he likes to have an indepth chat with his penis.

Every now and then he will come up with something unexpected. For the past week he has been shouting at me, apropros of nothing, Jinx! and then, even more intently, Personal Jinx!

In the car, if he spies a telephone box, he will call out Red Fox!

The other day I put Tricky on the phone to speak to his father who has been working for the past few days back in Country Town.

Say hello to Daddy, I said. Tricky did not say hello.

What he did say was: DADDY IS A PLONKER.

It seems Tricky has also been been doing a lot of vocabulary practise with his cousins, the Naughty Nephews. Three days a week they travel together to and from school/daycare. It's a fifteen minute car ride but this is ample time to teach your baby cousin about spotting red foxes and casting jinxes and personal jinxes, not to mention plonkers. I have asked the NNs not to say this anymore, with particular emphasis aimed at Naughty Nephew 2.
("Even if you do change it to John Howard, I don't care, no more plonkers.")

This morning it was my turn to drive them and after an obligatory round of Twinkle Twinkle and a few Red Fox! spottings, Naughty Nephews 2 and 3 got down to brass tacks.

Say Ferrari, says NN3

Say Honda Odyssey, says NN2

Fahwee. Ondassee

Say Father Christmas... say Al Qaida... say Plonker... HEY! I call over my shoulder.

Ok, just say Father Christmas.

Lessons halt as we park the car and everyone gets out. Tricky is fascinated by school and loves walking in the gate with the Naughty Nephews. He is facinated by all the big kids in their matching clothes.

It makes me a little moist-eyed to see him, hand in hand with his cousins. In his big hat and shorts he almost looks like a junior version of them, except instead of school colours he has on his stripey shirt with the robot and his hat is lime green, not institution blue.

Bye boys, I call after them, come on Tricky - time to go to daycare. Say goodbye.

Say goodbye, says Naughty Nephew 3.

Say mustard gas, says Naughty Nephew 2.

But Tricky, all big eyes and stripey robot shirt, says nothing at all.


Maggie May said...

Oh, he sounds lovely! Naughty Nephews must love him to bits and I'm sure he feels the same!

When my smallest granddaughter goes to *big* school to collect her sister, she is mobbed by all the girls who pick her up and carry her around like a doll. She loves this!

lucky #2 said...

Isn't a blast to hear what comes out of their little mouths (well, most of the time, at least!!!). I wish he and MiniMe could have a playdate...it would be a riot! :)

lucky #2 said...

Oh, and what is a PLONKER??? :) Your US friend...

calliope said...

totally wondering about "plonker" as well. Is it a sound? a noun??

I love hearing how Tricky's mind works.

OvaGirl said...

"Plonker" is a british expression (the NN's parents lived in the UK for several years before moving back to oz 5 years ago)and it basically means dickhead! You can imagine C's delight on the phone especially since quite often Tricky goes silent when he's offered the chance to talk...
Lucky a playdate with MiniMe would be hilarious!

Betty M said...

As someone who pre-kids (whilst in IF rage) specialised in teaching friends' offspring that sheep were called ducks I'm totally with the NNs!

Nic said...

hehehe... he said plonker!

Definitely a different flavor on vocabulary with older kids around. Hopefully you can keep the nasty words to a minimum!

Betty Flocken said...

I love the new words. My son in law was for Obama in the last election, my daughter was for McCain. During a conversation between Lyndsey and her husband that I was a party to on the phone, Sophie (10 months) pointed her finger at her mommy and shrieked BAWAAK.... I won't let Lyndsey forget EVER that sophie's first understood word was Barack!! Out of the mouths of children.