Monday, December 01, 2008

gone country

C, Tricky and I are having a wee little holiday in the country. We have a cottage for a week and it is surrounded by paddocks and horses and trees and other such oddities.
Also vineyards and although this was not a pre-requisite for holidaying it certainly adds a little flavour to the resting and relaxing.

I am feeling very in need of the resting and relaxing and despite my brave post about putting down the tray blah blah don't put the seventh bowl on top or you risk losing the lot blah blah the truth is, my tray had crashed about two weeks ago and how I get that spaghetti sauce out is anyone's guess.

Luckily I won a holiday in August. This is a bit like winning a chicken in that I won it in a raffle and also in that my chicken is coming home to roost ie. holiday now being had.

We have packed up our toddler and all our stuff and our computers although we have solemnly sworn not to do work on them (what?) and I have included my special foot massage rub and quite a lot of vitamins and so forth as I am still yes still hacking and spluttering away.

But we have left our worries behind. Mostly. And although i sometimes hear them tippy tap on the window at night I think they're a wee tad scared of horses. And chickens.

and that's good.


Nic said...

Ooooh, a holiday! We haven't been on one since our last trip to SA in 2005. I hope that things don't pile up too much while you're gone. Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

Maggie May said...

Brilliant to have a little holiday.
Have a wonderful time.

it is blimmen freezing here and if I don't hurry and get dressed, I will get frostbite! ( I check the computer first thing when I wake! Is that obsession or what?!)

calliope said...

hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing holiday.

Anonymous said...

Have a lovely time whilst on holiday.

Betty Flocken said...

Oh I hope you're having a wonderful time. It's getting warmer there, right?.. Hope those worries stay away for now. Ambien works wonders for me on those, except that I am one of those unlucky ones who do strange things then don't remember.. Last year I tried escaping from the hospital... ON my broken leg..
ANYWAY; hope you're having a wonderful time.