Friday, November 21, 2008

Just one more thing about my feet...

My darling friend Lucy(amusingly i had a little typo then and wrote 'fiend', also apt) in London has sent me a late birthday/early xmas present.

It is a voucher for a massage, manicure and (lovely feet ahoy!)pedicure.

Which, i think to myself as I drool over the beribboned certificate and brochure, is exactly what I need in present circumstance.

Then I get a grip on myself, because who am I kidding , isn't this exactly what everyone needs in any circumstance? Unless perhaps you hate this sort of thing and shy away from the thought of getting your tense muscles kneaded smooth and your horrid dry feet pummelled and polished and your nasty misshapen fingernails filed and painted.

In which case, I suggest chocolates.

But the thing is, another friend lent me a copy of Elizabeth Gilbert's much lauded Eat Pray Love and I have spent a few enjoyable hours lolling on my bed and massaging my feet and reading while the emails pile up and up and up... and in this book, 'Liz' goes through much to recover from what sounds like The Most Horrible Divorce In The World (with bonus new relationship breakup) and travels to Italy, India and Bali basically fulfil her book title.

And the universe works for her in mysterious ways, perhaps due to her insanely rigorous chanting and meditating, perhaps because this is after all a book, that she has written, and so in this story she actually is her universe, as it were.

But let's say it's because she has opened her channels etc and allowed the right things to happen/manifest and money, jobs, people, gelato and other necessities for healing fall into her lap when needed.

And so yesterday when out of the blue Lucy's voucher with the word PEDICURE standing out like a beacon appeared in my letterbox, I was shocked and delighted but also quite pleased that I was managing to manifest the things I need for myself and the universe was coming to the party.

Either that, i decided, or Lucy read my blog.

Just in case it was the first, I tucked the voucher into my bag and ducked down to the corner newsagent for a lotto ticket.

I'm thinking, ok pedicure, tomorrow three million bucks.

And though I haven't written about wanting three million bucks or needing three million bucks, i reckon it's just like that everyone, any circumstance voucher.

And/or chocolates.


Maggie May said...

Having a pedicure is quite appealing to me. Seems a very good present.
I spend £1 a week on the lottery! So far I have only had £10 payouts at the most. There's always a chance though, isn't there?

lucky #2 said...

pedicure...what a lovely thought!

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time I got a pedicure every two weeks... and then once a month. And now I haven't had one since August. And I never removed the nail polish from that August pampering so my toes look diseased even though they are perfectly healthy.

Perhaps during Christmas break... Have a blast at yours, and may your millions or chocolates come your way.

Mima said...

Sounds like a lovely treat, once a month a lovely beautician comes to visit me and she dehairs first, and then sometimes she paints me, and it is one of the few things that keeps me feeling like a girl when we haven't managed to get me into the shower for a month (we do use baby wipes & flannels regularly though!). Pretty feet! Make the most of a wonderful treat.