Thursday, November 06, 2008


A few years ago I tried to write a one-woman show for a well known Australian tv and film actress. I had done some work with her on another project and she was someone I knew to have integrity and compassion. I liked her work and I liked her personality.
She was one of the people I thought of yesterday, at 3pm, as I hurried to pick up the Naughty Nephews and the Toddler Tyrant, with the radio up loud, listening to the announcement of the new President of the United States of America.

I was late because I had been watching the webcasts as well as making zuchini muffins and I was of course sleep deprived - the night before being officially the worst Night Of Living Hell ever (Toddler screaming starts at 3am, Parents' screaming starts at 4.30 am. All fall into exhausted sleep at 5am).

We had talked a little about the sort of play it could be, this actress and I, and she told me that when she looked at new scripts she looked for stories of hope.

There is too much darkness in this world, she told me. Too much anger, too much hate.
I can't be part of something that simply adds to the despair. For my children if not for me.
There has to be light.

Yesterday, I felt like the whole world was reading the same script and hoping for the same light.

For our children if not for us.


Em said...

I'm so proud of my country.

I've been in tears a good bit over the past day and a half. I got teary when, after waiting in a long line to vote, it was finally my turn to vote.

There were more tears, of course, when they called the election for Obama, and again during his wonderful acceptance speech.

I cried again this morning when the woman (African-American) who cleans my office came in and gave me a high five followed by a huge hug. She was wearing her little Obama button and she looked twenty years younger.

Tonight I have been reading about reaction across the world and I feel pride and hope and joy that weren't there until very recently.

Lin said...

There is a lightness everywhere. I woke up this morning and just grinned. So I'm all happy or all weepy. It's almost too much for me to take in.

LL said...

oh yeah....

granny p said...

I'm like Lin. Laughing or crying. You don't have to be American. It's for all of us.

Oh god- the toddler screams. Wonder if Obama could solve that problem too?

Thumbs, fingers, toes all up.

Betty Flocken said...

I wrote about it too. It's an incredible moment. My niece is inter racial and though she's been successful her whole life and I've not worried for her in years, I couldn't stop crying for her. I voted for the man and the hope; election night, it hit me about the racial issues. It was unbelievable; he beat the Clinton Machine and then carried the vote Tuesday in most every demographic. A GREAT day. I'm continually surprised when I hear the rest of the world follows American Politics; Glad you're "feeling our Hope and Pride over here.

Maggie May said...

I hope some stability comes to all our countries through this....... not just America.
For our grandchildren!

WonderMama said...

I sobbed like a baby during his acceptance speech. I'm finally, finally proud to be an American again. I love hearing how happy the rest of the world is with our choice this time!

Mima said...

I stayed up really late watching the results come in until finally I had to cave and admit that I needed to sleep and couldn't keep going any more. And I'm so excited about the result, it makes so many things seem possible doesn't it!