Wednesday, September 03, 2008


so that wierd gagging noise you can hear? That would be me struggling under the weight of several deadlines and writing tasks that have fallen like a tonne of bricks and prevented me from doing stuff like blogging and um...having fun.

Last week it was nose to the grindstone to finish a rewrite of my new play which is having a public reading in two weeks time. And I had to finish it last week because this week the producers of the tv show are "turning me round" (my, the dirty laughs C had over that one) so I can get cracking on the next draft. This is not so much 'nose to the grindstone' as face mushed to a bloody pulp. Eeeka. In a scant few seconds I am going to mainline my coffee so that I can do some loglining (I have all the jargon) and then head off to Day 2 of the turning around process.

Of course, life must continue on, for instance if you are a toddler you don't give a toss if the motherperson's brain seems ready to explode, you must have Charlie and Lola, also Eensy Weensy Spider and for good measure, dinosaurs, on tap. And why not, I say. So on the days Tricky is not in childcare and while C is away I must stop with the plotting and the crime scenes and the big story arcs and I must change smelly mumpies and heat up weetbix and paint pictures and play in the park.

Thank God.


Anonymous said...

The little ones are so good at forcing us to actually live, aren't they?

Betty F said...

Your life sounds outstanding! I'm happy you are doing what you love... both with Tricky and C and your career. Sounds successful.
Hope you had fun at the park! Good luck on your deadlines.

Mony said...

My Mum is reading your book.
My Mum loves you.
She told me that reading your book has opened her eyes to all the SUFFERING I went through during my IVF ride. She said that she KNEW it was awful, but she is ashamed that she never realised just HOW awful.
Thanks for finding the words and telling the story for ALL OF US!
I truly dig you. And am so happy to have you in my cyber-life.

Betty M said...

Any chance you could sneak Charlie and / or Lola into the tv show? Probably easier to get them in than a dinosaur...

mig bardsley said...

Well I hope the deadlines come with a break afterwards :)
I love coming here. Not just for the life saving laughter but for the lovely reminders of 'how it was when they were little'.

(By the way, I've started a new blog here because my Blogger one is broken)

Maggie May said...

You are leading an exciting life! Hope the play goes well.
I like Charlie & Lola cos I have to see it every day! LOL.