Saturday, January 12, 2008

Stick this

Tricky is almost 18 months old which in my schedule meant he was due for his 12 month vaccination. Extenuating circumstances (living in Country Town, various colds and viruses, mother’s general fear of needles and dislike of seeing sharp things poked into baby flesh) had prevented these happening at an earlier time (like say, 12 months) and now, with his pre Christmas weirdness seemingly gone, it was time to visit Dr Jab.

Dr Jab explained that the 12 month vaccination consisted of not two but three needles. “Some people…” he said blithely, “only have two at this point and come back for the third but I say well, the baby’s already screaming so...”

“Mmmm,” I said. “actually I think I will be one of those people. I would prefer for him to have only two needles for this visit. Not because of the screaming,” I hastened to add, “I can handle that perfectly well, but because three seems an awful lot of vaccine in one day.”

Last time Tricky was vaccinated he was glued to my breast at the time which seemed to comfort him quite effectively but since the milkbar had its glorious farewell tour some weeks ago (albeit with a couple of surprise comeback appearances) he was instead seated on my lap, my hands holding his, one chubby thigh at a time gripped between my own.

And so, since the Magical Breasts Of Comfort were no longer available, I had him facing his father instead of me because I didn’t want to see that look of hurt betrayal in those big brown eyes and also so that I wasn’t in his firing line when he began his kicking screaming tiny fingernail clawfest.

I expected the furious shrieks, I expected the tears and the sobs.
What I didn’t expect was that he would stop almost immediately after the second injection and then seem perfectly calm from then on.

I was so surprised I almost told Dr Jab to go ahead and whack that third one in.

I guess that means it really was about the screaming after all.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for the brave, brave boy!!

Mima said...

So glad that it has all gone well, I imagine that I would hate the hurt look too!

Nico said...

Might as well get it all over with, I say. (We had 4 shots at the 15 month appt because of the flu shot - which turned into 5 because Ant pulled his leg away during the second. He was not nearly as blase about it as Tricky).

Funny how you came to that last realization too ;-)

Mima said...

OG, I have given you an award - you make my day!

Mima said...

I now know the answer to that one! If you right click on the picture, then save it to your computer, you can put it up in the same way as you would put up a photo. To put it on the side go to the blogbar at the top, click Customise, then in the middle Add a Page Element, then add the picture one, and again add it from your computer! Took me a little while to figure this one out too.

Really love your blog, and how you write about things, you make it all such fun even when it isn't. There are times when I wish I could take a pinch of that and add it into my drink, but most of the time I manage to enjoy even if I don't write it as well as you do!!!

Em said...

At least you are able to soothe your poor lad during his shots. I'm nearly useless. While M has a death grip on me, I get faint, the room starts to spin, and the nurse starts to look very concerned. . . M's last vaccination is next month. The nurse promises only one needle. I *think* I can stand it.

OvaGirl said...

Oh my god Mima. You've CHANGED MY LIFE!