Monday, January 07, 2008


Tricky and I had lunch together. We both ate ravioli except I used a fork and his was cut up and presented as “finger food.” This makes it sound almost dainty, like something you might serve with champagne on the chamomile lawn.

I was reading a book at the same time so it wasn’t till I heard the sound of gagging that I looked up to see his mouth was completely stuffed. His cheeks bulged, his eyes watered and yet, like a cross between Augustus Gloop and some mad foraging rodent, he was determinedly grabbing still more chunks, in both hands, and trying to wedge them in his mouth - even as he made little sicky noises in the back of his throat and gobs of partially chewed spinach and ricotta ravioli rolled down the front of his pirate bib.

Lunching with Tricky is like having a meal with one of those savage children of past centuries. You know, the ones presented to civilisation that were lost as a babe in the woods and given up for dead but then, miraculously, rescued and raised by wild chipmunks.


Em said...

I had to laugh at the image, but I know it is a little frightening. We've had similar experiences with waffles around here.

Mima said...

At least he isn't picky - you seem to have found something he likes which has to be a good thing even if you end up having to give him just a little at a time rather than a whole bowl full. Hope that in the end he managed to keep it down rather than losing it!

Anonymous said...

So pleased to find that you get lost in a book too at mealtimes - I often look up to see my son similarly stuffed to the gills - usually with banana and/or raisins - or just in time to see him up-end a mug of water onto the floor. My guilt at my lack of attention is definitely lessened knowing it also happens to others!

OvaGirl said...

Yes...see I find that comforting too, that other people's children stuff their faces with waffles or gag on their raisins - ESPECIALLY if their mother is reading at the same time. Thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

Tricky is a funny boy.

No visitor yet... I'm just brain dead.

Bon said...

Tricky should come over for meals. O appears to be under the same impression that all food within view should go in one's mouth at the same. exact. time.

big fun.