Saturday, July 15, 2006

Home pass

When I was a kid living in Malaysia there was a tv show called The Big Blue Marble. It was about environmental stuff and the theme song started with a chorus of childish voices singing...the world's a big blue marble when you see it from up there...the sun and moon declare...our beauty's very rare...

It's a catchy little number and one that is deeply ingrained in my childhood psyche (much like the cheer song for the University of Minnesota, see post previously) so perhaps that's why I was singing it through contractions. In the bath. At the hospital.

Yes, I was told by the birth centre to come on in after the contractions that had started the night before...and just excuse me a moment as i get another one and have to call c to come and squeeze my thighs and rub my back...
phew, back, in I went with sister in law N because C was still in northern NSW, a 6 hour drive away, only to be told that because I was just on 36 weeks I was considered premature and so I WAS NO LONGER ABLE TO USE THE BIRTH CENTRE.

Imagine my delight as they pointed me to the delivery ward. I was left alone to have a few more happy contractions and then, it seemed, I was about to be released. I talked as hard as I could about prelabour and my sister AJ being in it for a week before proper labour beginning, I argued that as an IVF baby, a FET baby no less, that it must be older than 36 weeks anyway, it was a 10 day blastocyst that was transferred... not only that I made a point to chat merrily throughout the contractions just to show I could though fuck knows what I was actually saying.

I was a hair's breadth from going home, C was on the phone asking if he should catch the last plane... god here's another one...breathing breathing making little moany noises but trying to keep my face loose...
we were saying no, no, plenty of time...and then the midwife decided to do a quick internal exam.

Cervix effaced, 1 cm dilated and midwife was touching the baby's head through the membranes.

And that's how, a few hours later, I ended up in the antenatal ward and then in the bath and the singing through contractions began.

Having missed the plane, C was now driving home and expected at half past 12 that night.
ooh ooh ouchy ow ow but relaxing face and breathe gasp breathe...
I decided I didn't want to progress any further without him. By the time he arrived...I hadn't.

And finally this morning, the new shift of doctors and midwives decided yes I could go home.

As a little goodbye present, my mucus plug emerged during a urine sample. It was beautiful, ruby red and gold. The midwife was pleased and encouraged us to leave quickly. It's just that if you stay, she said delicately, they'll put a clock on you and... we took the hint.

So here I am.

Back at home. N, C and my sister K are feeding me, rubbing my legs and organising all the baby stuff I failed to do. oooooh oooh another one, another one.....

Sadly the baby shower was cancelled but...then, it's currently raining and a baby is coming and as I look out my window and breathe through the last of the previous contraction I think: well there is a baby shower. Of sorts.

I've gone past the point of merry chatting through contractions, past even the point of singing old tv tunes. It's just breathing and vocalising through each contraction, calling for back massage or leg rubbing...and trying to remember each one brings me closer to this thing we have worked so hard to achieve.

and inside my baby stretches and moves closer and closer. Head is engaged, but then all our heads are engaged, all focused on this amazing journey.

oh baby oh baby ooh ooh

soon baby soon.

we're here and we're so looking forward to meeting you.


MsPrufrock said...

Shit! This is completely selfish of me, but I knew I would start freaking out once one of the IVF/FET pregnancies with a due date very near my own (as you and I are a day apart I think)started to go into labour. Wow. Um, hello reality.

Thanks for keeping us up to date. I hope it keeps going well. Uh, yeah. Shit!

Away2me said...

Wow, I can't believe "we" have arrived at this point already. Fantastic!!

Good luck, happy pushing and please don't forget to update us all as soon as you have passed the placenta!

Lindy said...

Oh wow! Oh wow!!! You're doing it, OG!!!

mig bardsley said...

Oh goodness Og!
Go for it Sweetheart!

And thankyou so much for letting us virtually be there.

k #2 said...

this is it! you should be holding your baby now!!!! xoxoxo

ninaB said...

Have been lurking & following you for a while.
I am so excited for you.
Hope everything goes well.
We are ALL looking forward to meeting the baby.

Dramalish said...

I'm so excited... I remember laboring with my head on our couch, swaying my rear back and forth in the air.

The only driving motivation is that you are going to be a MOM. At last! And once she's in your arms, the cliche rings true.

It's all worth it.

Good luck, OG.
Oh yay yay yay yaaaay!

Pamela said...

Ooohh, how exciting!! That midwife sounds like gold! Happy labouring!

InDueTime said...

Good Luck!!!

Loris said...

Just wanted to wish you luck. I have been reading about your journey for ages. Its just brilliant that are you are almost there. What a journey, and its only just beginning. xx

Cass said...

Still sitting here thinking of you and waiting for the news of all news. So thrilled for you.

Cat said...

Finally your long wait is over.

I'm sure by now you are glowing with happiness at having become a Mum! Feel very happy for you and your husband after all you have been through.

Eagerly awaiting your next blog. . .

soralis said...

Good luck!