Thursday, February 26, 2009

trying to see the world another way

and now I understand why we see the grace in small things...

in my toddler's weetbix smeared grin
in the exotic flavour of crushed coriander seeds mixed with dry roasted macadamia nuts
in the way my body feels grateful and virtuous after yoga
in the satisfaction that comes from giving a birthday present I bought in plenty of time
in the giddy sensation of  nausea mixed with anticipation that permeates a spanking new Word doc.


Maggie May said...

Hello Tricky!
I am just trying to stand on my head to see you better and ouch.... crash bang........!

Lin said...

How curious...that we decided to see the grace in small things at the same time. We can be appreciative, good girls, but not in a timely manner!!!

Betty Flocken said...

Small "world" That's what I've been doing! Tricky is VERY adorable with his painted face, and upside down eyes/.

anna said...


calliope said...

I heart Tricky and this photo just makes me grin.

Anonymous said...

Tricky is very much still The Toddler That HFF Wifey Would Like To Take Home!

I know exactly what you mean about a birthday gift bought early, as opposed to snatched from the supermarket in a high-speed dash.

I do not know what you mean, in the slightest, about the coriander seeds and roasted macadamia nuts - but I shall find out!

Anonymous said...

Your boy... SO CUTE. Love the photo. Love the post.