Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Having Your Cake And Eating It (also the icing and sprinkles)

This attractively garish and slightly fuzzy array of anti-oxident rich cupcakes was the product of a few hours of quality time between Tricky and myself.

Yes they came from a packet.
They were (gasp) sans buttermilk. That's despite my previous cupcake making experience.
Nigella would be turning in her rose petal infused milk bath.

No I don't know if Nigella has a rose infused milk bath. I do know that she's not lactose-intolerant so she may indeed enjoy le douche de la vache-juice .
(Please feel free to correct. I have decided to continue to apprendre le francais via blog comments only.)
Like Nigella to milkbaths, so too Tricky to this nutritious blue icing.
Especially on the big spoon.

No I didn't eat any cupcakes. The very sight of them disgusted me.

Yes they were eaten by a selection of children.

Yes those children are all related to me in one way or another.

While Tricky is enjoying the remainder of his health-giving green sprinkles (strange that he won't eat his broccoli with such enthusiasm), I shall just add that the title of this post was originally going to be:
Contracting Yet Another Flu Virus And Hacking Tiny Droplets Of Phlegm over Your Toddler Ensuring He Bears Your Infection, Spikes A Fever, And Has A Meltdown Just As You Walk In The Door At Daycare.
But, it didn't really have much of a ring.
Plus... no photos.


Em said...

That looks like a fun time!

I hope you are both feeling better now.

Maggie May said...

Wow..... those colours...... Were the children high as kites after eating them?
Fun is fun, though and eating brightly coloured cakes is all part of it!
Strange how broccoli just doesn't have the same appeal.

Lisa Later said...

wot no photos of the droplets of phlegm? how hard can it be to catch a kodak moment like that?

try harder!


word veri: ooses (was something oozing during the virus? i feel sure it was...)

Anonymous said...

Do you think if you put red and yellow sprinkles on broccoli they'd eat it?

LL said...

Spooky, OG!!!! Today Lil'Mooey & I made blue icing to coat the top of a couple of marie bikkies. After she kept double dipping the spoon & then sneezed over the finished product.. I decided that she could eat them all

Anonymous said...

Em wish i could say how marvellous I feel now but I am hacking up a lung as I type....Maggie the kids are always wired it's as if they keep secret stashes of blue icing under their pillows...lettuce hater (why? What has lettuce done to you?)thanks for the prod, I should at least be able to capture one of the morning clumps and...guineapigmum (hmmm...) everything is better with red and yellow sprinkles as I'm sure you know!

hoping to be less loathsome tommorrow.

OvaGirl said...

oooh LL...I must have just missed your psychic blue icing comment. Well you know...what with Tricky, Lil mooey, and Ms Prufrocks Miss P, plus Nico's Ant...I think we may have a clutch of internet Midwich Cuckoos...

Betty F said...

Ovagirl, these are beautiful pictures of you and Tricky making memories together. The cupcakes look good, Especially if I pretend they're NOT the healthy kind.
Hope you're feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Zoey went to her first birthday party on Saturday, but she had a meltdown before they served the cupcakes and we had to go home... I wonder if her first cupcakes will be as spectacularly colorful as those you and Tricky make.

Grit said...

we find injecting e-numbered neon straight into the brain is quite an effective method of seeing what the ceiling looks like close up, screaming out our lungs and going to bed in a strop. and that's just dig.

Linda said...

Is it wrong for me to covt your beautiful, spacious, light-filled kitchen So Much? Because I am. I am.

I can't believe you didn't just dig right into that Flintstones Vitamins colored icing. Could anything BE more delicious?

Topcat said...

Hi Ova! (waves)

I'm with Flicka ... I covet your kitchen too. And I actually have a pretty cool kitchen myself. But I like yours better.

I am SO delurking right now. I read you all the time. You mofo rock. XO

Anonymous said...

Gee, thankyou for all that kitchen love. it is jolly, yes. But also, it's a two family kitchen don't forget...(hence the space thing)