Thursday, June 12, 2008

All Aboard The School Bum

Now that Tricky attends childcare right near the School Of Naughty Nephews we take it in turns with N and K to do the school/childcare run.

These short morning cartrips can be very amusing indeed, with all the songs and small boy jokes and Tricky doing the animal noises in Old MacDonald Had A Farm.

Hilarity can always be had, for instance by simply replacing innocent words in songs with Bum, Poo and Sausage.

Old MacDonald Had A Bum EIEIO And on that bum he had a ...sausage EIEIO

or perhaps the less well known:

Put a bum over here, and a bum over there,
put a bum in your ear and a bum in your hair!
And a lot of little bums in the air, Everywhere!
It's a bummy kind of day!

There are also long meaningful discussions about climate change and the history of the boy scout. NN2 is always a good source of information, this morning he talked candidly about the art of tea leaf divination which was only slightly less impressive when I realised his research into this area was limited to his Harry Potter reading.

Now and then if the questions become probing or personal we might gently steer the discussion onto respect or manners or more likely start another rousing chorus of Put a bum over here! and then suddenly there we are at the school.

C and I have got into the habit of both doing the dropoff together and then going for a coffee on the way home. Ostensibly this is meant to be couple-catch-up time but in reality it is couple-reading-the-paper-and-eating-chocolate-croissants-and-barely saying-two-words-to-each-other time which is sort of fine actually especially if we're having, say, a bummy kind of day.

After a few days of having their dad take them in, yesterday C told NN2 that we would take him and his little brother to school.

NN2 looked at C, puzzled. "Both of you?"

C affirmed that indeed yes both he and I would be doing the taking.

"But you don't need to both go," NN2 pointed out.

"Yes we do," said C mildly, "there needs to be two adults because we want to CONTROL you."

NN2 was in a particularly helpful mood.

"You don't need two people for that. You could just threaten us."


Betty F said...

How perfect is that! Kids cut right through the crap and give you the truth. I Love it. I love the songs too.

Anonymous said...

Threats work for a long time. Even teens respond to threats (sometimes).

Grit said...

Threats rarely work here. perhaps i am using the wrong threats. i knew it. i have bad parenting skills. i wonder if there are courses for this sort of thing?

Mima said...

I have vivid memories of when things like bum used to wind my Mum up no end, I'm not sure that she ever would have thought it appropriate car song fodder, but then I greatly suspect that our car journeys weren't half as much fun either!! Sounds to me as if the couple time is great, how nice to be able to do that, and just relish it in the way that works for you! The chocolate croissants sound great - maybe you could send one my way!!

Nico said...

Your NNs are a total trip. I love how honest they are. "Just threaten us". Hysterical!