Tuesday, March 11, 2008

But I love him

What is this?
C is staring at something in his hand.
It’s the box the baby Panadol comes in, I say.
On the front of the box is a picture of a small child, a toddler in fact, dressed in an echidna costume, curled up asleep. This is just one of a number of products they make featuring pictures of children dressed as native Australian animals. Cute? You could roast them on an Aussie bbq with a couple of prawns and have them all on toast.

C looks carefully at the box again, deeply concerned.

Why I say, what do you think it is?

It’s…well it’s obviously a child
, he says. But it looks like it’s been… wrapped in the body of some sort of dead animal.

Does it now? I ask, fascinated, as ever, at the inner workings of my husband's mind. What sort of animal?
Well, he says… it could be… an echidna.
I say.
But, also, I think it could be the body of a pig.

It’s ok, I say. It is an echidna.
We have a little laugh and then I say: I can’t believe you thought it was a pig.
Yeah, right, he says. And then, seriously: But why is a child wrapped in the body of an echidna?

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Mima said...

Its too small to see clearly, but is it like one of the ones that Anne Geddes does? I think that's her name, babies in flower pots. I think that men's minds just work very differently from female minds! Obviously the product was designed for the female mind which is much more likely to go "ooh, what a cute child, isn't that adorable"!!!