Thursday, February 28, 2008

Granny A and Granny P

Tricky and I have scooted up to Newcastle. We are hanging out at my parents' place for a few days while C is in Adelaide. Tricky is of course delighted with the huge doses of Aphwa ('granny' in Burmese) that he is getting each day. Poor Poppy, his grandfather, and I are but second class citizens beside her fabulousness. Honestly though, I do feel Tricky's Great Love is getting a bit out of hand when I, his mother, am in the middle of reading him a story and the sound of Aphwah's key in the door has him launch himself from my lap. He stops only to to snatch the book from my hand and carry it out like an offering, along with a huge smarmy smile, whilst calling Apwa Readdis Readdis... as if he has been starved of all entertainment and made to amuse himself all day with a chairleg and two rubber bands. (Although actually I reckon we could get a good half hour out of those rubber bands.)

But in the meantime, another Granny, the marvellous Granny P of Rockpool In My Kitchen, who is also Penelope Farmer author of Charlotte Sometimes and many other wonderful books for kids and grownups, has written a review of my book Legs Up & Laughing.
You can read it here.


Mima said...

Being downgraded from pole position can't be much fun, but glad to hear that you are both enjoying the visit!

Thalia said...

It would make me feel a bit like chopped liver, but at the same time it sounds utterly adorable, which is true, of course, of everything Tricky does, isn't it??

And I have to confess to being utterly over-excited that Penelope Farmer reviewed your book. LOVE. HER. I am now going over there to fawn on her. I bet she doesn't find that irritating. No?

OvaGirl said...

I was very excited too Thalia! Charlotte Sometimes was one of those books that I very much connected to as a ten year old, it's a classic book.

Maggie May said...

Wow, that is exciting, the book. Glad Tricky is having so much fun with his Burmese granny.