Friday, November 23, 2007

It's Time

See that's what happens when you start blah blahing on about your fabulous new time management regime, the blogging goes to shit because let's just face it YOU'RE SLACK.

Suddenly deadlines have reappeared, deadlines that were not just DONE AND DUSTED they were also cremated and their ashes readily sprinkled upon the ocean. This is irritating fiddly non-creative deadline stuff that irks one with its presence, like grit in one's teeth or sand in one's swimsuit gusset. Anyway, enough with the crap similies, it's stuff that has demanded my attention.
In the meantime these things have happened or are about to happen and some shall be written about in the next few days:
* Tricky has turned 16 months.

* We have now entered that special magical place they call "PLAYGROUP". It is special. It is magical. It has sandpits and also tiny trampolines. Tricky has not yet learned to jump on a trampoline but he has learned that if he stands rigidly with his feet splayed and a wry expression on his face someone will obligingly bounce the trampoline with their hands. This shall be deemed "fun" and worth screaming for when it stops.

*I have written another play but shorter and funnier than the one mentioned above. I wrote this because I find I am often at my most creative when I am meant to be doing something else.
*I was part of a very interesting workshop last week for playwrights. It was about depictions of mental health and suicide in the media. We heard from carers, service providers and people with various mental illnesses. During the day these people made themselves available to us as a "living library". We writers could talk one on one to a "book", hear their experiences and ask any questions we wanted before going away and writing scenes based on what we had heard. It was pretty full on and I'm still processing some of the things we heard.

*Tomorrow, Saturday the 24th, I am signing books! That's right! Me! From 11am I shall be wielding a pen, or possibly a sharpened toothbrush which I will periodically dip into a small bowl of soy. This shall be at the Dymocks at the new fancy shmancy big shopping plaza thing in Maroubra on Anzac Parade.
If you are, say, shopping, and you feel the urge to purchase a copy of my Hilarious yet Poignant Tale of Finding and Losing Motherhood "Legs Up & Laughing", then hightail it over quick smart. We can also swap tips on Opening Weekend bargains to be had.

* Also tomorrow, Saturday the 24th, is an election. A federal election in fact, for those readers not federally located as it were. It's quite possible that after this weekend we will have a spanking new federal government.

I don't like to harp on these things too much because I'm superstitious like that.

So I simply leave you with this...


Anna said...

OK, not to harp, but I am most certainly hoping that It's Time (yes it is, yes it's time).

Mima said...

Your book arrived the day before yesterday, and I sat down and read it in one sitting - brilliant! It has already been passed on to someone else who saw me reading it and was interested!

Sorry to hear about the deadlines, they really are a menace, and especially if you work on the avoidance technique. The workshop sounds really interesting, but I should imagine that it was also quite harrowing being up close and personal with so much suffering.

Good to hear from you, and glad to see that your daily blogging is going so well!

lucky #2 said...

You sound like you need some time to jump on that trampoline yourself! :) Hope the book signing goes well!

pixi said...

I thought you might be telling us that it's time to stop blogging, and it made my heart sink. I know it's hard to fit it in sometimes (believe me, I know) but I hope you stick around for a while yet.

Congrats on the book. Can we get it in the states?

Anonymous said...

I am so looking forward to our having a spanking new federal government.

Go root around in a sand pit if you need to relieve stress...