Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Blame The Water

So the other day Tricky and I were waiting in the garden bit outside the Country Town Airport and he was running about on the grass in his soft shoes, being generally cute and I noticed that all these people sitting on a nearby bench were watching him and smiling.

Then Tricky wandered even closer to them and started singing quietly to himself and turning himself round in circles and one or two of his audience chuckled.

But then, Tricky stopped and stared at the ground just in front of the bench. He had spotted a large ant meandering about on the concrete. Everyone seemed to be fascinated, watching him watching the ant and I thought Ha! You people thought the running and the singing and the circles were good? COP THIS!

So I said “Look darling, what’s that?”

Tricky paused for dramatic effect and pointed at the ground.

Ann” he said.

Just as we were all smiling, the People On The Bench at the extreme cuteness and me out of pure smugness, he suddenly and quite horrifyingly lifted one soft shoe and deliberately crushed the ant underfoot.

And then he said in a voice that came straight from either The Simpsons or The Omen:
“HA HA!”


daysgoby said...

The All-Powerful Ra!

I've been having the 'This is their home! We don't kill bugs outside' conversation for what seems like...years.

MsPrufrock said...

Haha...poor Ann.

This reminded me of the time I was watching a silly little made-for-tv movie on a ladies' tv channel (I know, I know) about a gymnast with anorexia and bulemia. Oh, how P laughed, the weirdo.

Dramalish said...

Okay, that's funny.

They are just miniature godzillas at this point, aren't they?

Sitting in Silence said...

Oh that is too cute....Must of been the Simpsons...Ha Ha

Nico said...

that is fricking hysterical. What was the reaction of the people on the bench? I would have been *very* hard pressed not to laugh!

ovagirl said...

Yes well it made me laugh, mainly because I was being such a show off mother. I don't know exactly what they did because I was so mortified I snatched my child up and rushed him away!

granny p said...

Boys will be boys will be boys. But where do they get it? Let's blame the Simpsons....

Well I'm laughing anyway even if the ant didn't see the joke..

T said...

Thank you - it's probably for the best that I spat out my popcorn.

Anonymous said...

I love Tricky even more now. Funny little guy.

calliope said...

miniature godzillas! hah!
Even when the little guy is ant killing he does it in such an adorable way.