Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Holiday Statistics

Days spent at Beach Shack so far: 8

Mornings Mama has spent Sleeping In while Dadda takes baby to beach: 8

Oysters consumed so far: 60

Bottles of wine consumed: 5

Dolphin Sightings: 1 (but was in fact pod of about 20 spotted from loungeroom window leading to hurried rush down to beach, allowing exciting and quite close range viewing)

Kangaroo Sightings: 2 (one during bush walk, the other was FIVE KANGAROOS SUDDENLY APPEARING IN OUR BACK YARD)

Minutes of Fascination for baby provided by Kangaroos In Back Yard Incident: 2

Minutes of Fascination for parents provided by Kangaroos In Back Yard Incident: 15

Minutes of DVD filming of KIBYI before realising that Kangaroos eating grass, while exciting in real life and happening 2 metres away from you, is actually extremely dull footage: 15

Number of Digital photographs taken during KIBYI: Too Embarrassed To Say

Number of Individual Kangaroo Turds discharged during KIBYI: 80 to 100

Number of Individual Kangaroo Turds picked up by baby in attempt to eat: 1

Number of Individual Kangaroo turds picked up by Mama with plastic bag and unpleasant look on her face: 80 to 100

Number of Loud Shouting Incidents between Parents: 3

Number of Near Poisoning of Baby Incidents, via previously unnoticed cockroach bait (and leading directly to one of the Shouting Incidents above): 1

Number Of Loud Shouting Incidents Averted By Sudden Viewing Of Pictures Of Baby on Computer Screen Saver: 3

Level of Satisfaction with Special Magical Grownup Time while on Holidays: Very High (but have decided to not share this statistic with Other Parent so as to guard against complacency)


Unknown said...

'Special Magical Grownup Time'? Oh, oh, wait...that' Oh God, I remember sex. No, wait,'s gone again...

LL said...

sounds divine... except for the turd part.

Em said...

Sounds wonderful!

Mony said...

Priceless, baby.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what kangaroo turds look like. I imagine them as being oversized rabbit turds.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am a bit late in wishing you a Happy Birthday Tricky!!! Isn't it cool being one! We are so grown up. :-) Love Gabrielle

Urban Chick said...

is it very weird to ask for photos OF the kangaroo turd?

like spanglish, i am also curious

Anonymous said...

No. Not wierd at all. Interestingly I thought this very thing this afternoon as I passed a new pile of turds on our way out for a walk.

My friends, posting a picture of the kangaroo turd shall be my weekend's goal.

The turd cometh. Beware.

Nico said...

What a nice way to wrap up your vacation for us.

I find that there are a lot of things that provide more fascination to the grown ups that the kids - Ant's ball popper toy, for example. He's usually done with it after he's set it off a couple of times, where I could play with it for a solid 30 min. What does that say about us???