Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sicky Tricky...

Tricky, or Mr Snottles as he has come to be known, has been sick again. We've got the coughing, we've got the slimy nose business and one horrid night we had the very high temperatures and judicial dosing with Baby Panadol.

It was obviously stupid of me to think that I could get away with just the one nasty upper respiratory infection this winter, especially in Country Town where apparently RI's are the disease de jour. C thinks it has something to do with all the chemicals that get sprayed onto various crops around the place. Yay. I think about all those crisp sunny wintry days when I walked into town pushing Tricky in the stroller and lustily breathing in lungfuls of bracing country air.

At least in Sydney you expect it to be horribly polluted and chest infection inducing.

And of course this means that we've all got the lurgy, parents, filmmakers (including the ones living with their 3yr old in a caravan in our backyard). Welcome to the House of Phlegm.

(*pauses blogging a moment to cough and hack loudly*)

(*blows nose*)

(*drops tissue on table*)

(*notes heavy "thunk" sound*)

(*feels mildly disgusted*)

The doctor is very nice and sensible and doesn't prescribe anything at all except more of what I'm doing which is mostly breastfeeding on demand and lots of cuddles.

Which makes a nice change from the last doctor we saw here who prescribed antibiotics and steroids and then gave me a fistful of repeat prescriptions. "I tend to overprescribe," he muttered as he did so. Um, yes. Quite.

A few days later we've still got the snot and the coughing but the happy little bubba boy is back to business. And the business is learning to walk. He's microseconds away, I'm absolutely sure of it, all the standing and the balancing and yesterday we both saw him take a step.

In less than a week he will be one year old.

When I think about where I was a year ago

And then the year before that...

It's enough to make me reach for the tissues again, but this time it's not about the snot.


LL said...

indeed!!! Who would've thunk it... A year already, Happy Bday Tricky.

Anonymous said...

Infertility is like Christmas with no stocking. And it does suck pus.

And Tricky, despite being the trickster, was obedient to mama OvaGirl, and did indeed wait about a week. :)

I wonder what my little Grommet is going to look like.

Nico said...

Sorry you're all sick again. They do seem to be little germ factories, don't they?

This past year has just flown by!

The first steps are

Em said...

A year already? It hardly seems possible.

Sorry you are ill. Saline nasal spray helps me and my tots.

granny p said...

Cough cough. Walk walk. Healthy country air etc - maybe you have to go right out into centre where they've got no crops to spray...

Almost a year old. Oh my. xxx

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for quite a while - my daughter is a month younger than Tricky, c/o a lovely Melbourne IVF clinic. Haven't you a NZ based sister? See if she will go to Nature Baby in Auckland and get Tricky one of these to keep him company at night. Instead of wailing in the mornings, we have contented chatter emanating from the cot. They seem to be basic enough to not worry about leaving in the cot all night/can't go thud when thrown out. JulieB

KatieP said...

Hi Ova girl,
Carol just directed me to your blog - Tricky is gorgeous. You're obviously both very well, despite the snot. We now have two littlies - age three and half and two - so plenty of snot goes around this house. Here's a little trick someone told me for night-time coughing - and it works. Rub Vicks vaporub into the soles of the feet before bedtime and put socks on (the baby, not yourself). Stops em coughing every time. Also seems to help with husband's snoring.
We're in Melbourne now. Saw Checklist down here at Theatre@Risk and really enjoyed it. Tis very very hard keeping it all going with other monkeys on your back. Seems like you're doing a fine job. I have a show coming up in September and finding it very stressful. Juggle... juggle ... oops! dropped one...
Carol can send you my email address if you want to chat.
Cheers, Katie