Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Dear Coffee

I love you. There I've said it and I don't care who knows. This morning I felt like such crap. Tricky was up five times during the night and I fed him every time because he has this horrid snotty nose and chesty business and I thought it was good to let him suck and also because we have people staying in the bedroom next to him and man he can cry.

And also, I was feeling the heavy burden of grant applications and manuscript corrections and changing dates for plotting meetings of tv shows I am writing (actually just one tv show, multiple meetings but one show) and also am a bit snotty myself.

But lo, I make one cup of your fragrant self and I feel magnificent! I ran skippingly down the Pubic Hair Hallway, I brushed my teeth with aplomb. (And also toothpaste) I made my necessary phone calls and I did it without fear! (To my agent, so she can deal with the multiple meeting scenario) and all this because of you, coffee, dear coffee, tasty coffee.

You stain my teeth and you give me smelly breath but I wear these things like a badge of pride because you give me back MY LIFE. Energy surges through me like wild salmon swimming upstream in a turbulent river (no idea where this stupid metaphor is going) and ends in a pool of...Getting Things Done.

Now of course I have wasted precious precious Coffee Energy writing this stupid letter but I don't care. I LOVE YOU. Do you hear me, crazy brown brew? I love your shiny beans! I love your oily residue! I even love that it takes fucking forever to make just one cup of you because C hates the plunger and insisted on only bringing the tiny stovetop coffee-maker and also because he thinks you should only grind the coffee just before consuming hence we have the coffee grinder and a massive bag of beans.

It doesn't matter. You are still beautiful. YOU COMPLETE ME.

Love OvaGirl


Thalia said...

I love coffee, oh so very much. Perhaps even more than chocolate? Not sure. I'm delighted that coffee and breastfeeding are compatible for you and tricky, I'm hoping I can do the same.

granny p said...

C has it right about coffee. Stove-top much better than plunger. (Speaking as one coffee addict to another..) Who cared about smelly breath when it IT WAKES YOU UP. XX

Bon said...

wait a second, here. you can love coffee as much as you want, but coffee is MINE, you understand? MINE. coffee's heart belongs to ME...never mind that unfortunate gestational/full-time nursing hiatus we had to go through...coffee was faithful, waiting for me to come back, i know it was...

now you make me suspect i've been two-timed.


MINE, i say! ;)

Lut C. said...

Mmmmm, coffee.

Anonymous said...

My 3 year old calls it "MOMMY-FUEL"

Nico said...

Now I'm feeling left out. Coffee does zilch for me. I must be shy a few caffeine receptors. Dammit!

Anonymous said...

coffee is the reason why I wake up every morning. I honestly couldn't face my GM or the rest of the world without it.
So glad that it gives you super powers as well.

charlie's mom said...

The sweet elixir of life.

Mony said...

Bless you.
2 weeks in the country & you have completely lost your mind.

Shiny Beans! Hee!

Eggs Akimbo said...

Coffee...it's my crack! I buy my grounds weekly from Grinders on Lygon Street.