Saturday, October 14, 2006

This Will Be His First Theatrical Experience

So the play went well! Hoorah, yay and other exclamations of joy.

C had flown in for ONE NIGHT ONLY and of course the plane was late and he arrived home at about 7 and the play starts at 8.15...

But to backtrack a little...Tricky and I had a fairly good day but it's so hot around here at the moment and our part of the house is like an oven. I was trying to do the Feed At 4 Hourly Intervals (as opposed to on demand which worked out at 1 and 2 hourly intervals unless he was asleep) thing but I also gave him cooled boiled water from a teaspoon in between times.

And lo there was much of the screaming.

Oh lord the screaming.

Poor little Hot Cross Current-Bun Boy. In vain did I dangle the jingly cow and speak in the manner of my friend Annie (who I shall call Nanny Annie from now on, on account of her miraculous doings with baby). In vain did I say 'moo' at him. We sat in the cooler parts of the house and he smiled a bit and accepted his pathetic teaspoons of water but what he wanted was milk and when he didn't get it he screamed.

But we managed to limp thru the day on a more or less 4 hourly feed cycle. And then, it was time for the theatre. And of course, because this is our life, the babysitter who had said how smitten he was and was thrilled to be looking after him for an hour and a half in the theatre foyer....was missing. C had been ringing and leaving messages all day. Nyet. Nada. Non.

So for Tricky's first ever proper theatre experience, he hung out in the box office with the publicist. He actually slept the entire time. And when we came out into the foyer , he was still asleep. And when I tried to wheel his pram out into open view to ensure he was still breathing, he was still asleep but more, he was now locked in the box office because the publicist was out having a champers (rightly earned) and someone had decided to pull the door shut.

And while I was trying to find someone with a key the Very Important Artistic Director of the mainstage theatre (my play was on in the smaller theatre space) came up to me and told me that he very much enjoyed the play and that I had written a great script. This was thrilling and several things went through my mind. Firstly I remembered that his company had actually rejected my script a couple of years earlier as being unstageable. Secondly I was struck by how much he looked like a friend of mind and perhaps they were twins separated at birth but the overriding thing was that MY BABY IS LOCKED IN THE BOX OFFICE.

Of course I was too professional to wail this out immediately. I chatted about the play and the wooonderful director and the faaaaabulous cast and I didn't say anything about the dire lack of women writers or directors in his new season nor did I say how much he looked like Jo, even down to the kind of glasses they both wore.

But finally I had to say apologetically, there a key about? And he obligingly went off to find one.

And lo, the baby was released. (Still fast asleep)

So all in all a good night. The play was a success. People liked it. Other writers liked it. Other directors liked it. The lady from Currency press liked it. The gorgeous old semi-retired theatre critic from Newcastle who had come specially to see it (and has seen me grow up on stage both acting and writing) liked it as well.

So much like in the room.

But so SO much better than all of this?

He slept for 10 HOURS.


MsPrufrock said...

Fucking hell you are lucky. If P. slept for more than 5 hours in a stretch I'd have to poke her to make sure she was still alive.

That aside, I'm thrilled to hear that your play was a success. I can't say I'm surprised based on the writing of this here blog.

10 hours...damn.

Anonymous said...

Wow, ten hours! Maybe you should lock him in the press box more often? Only kidding!!

Hooray for a great opening night. Boo for babysitter who go AWOL (unless they go with a good reason in which case all is forgiven.)

Lin said...

Ten hours of sleeping baby: hugely successful opening run.

Picture me holding the scales and balancing the import of both events. Very even, I'd say, with the sleeping baby coming out a tiny bit ahead!

Brava on your play;s good welcome!

lucky #2 said...

10 hours -- it sounds like you are turning a corner! :)

Bravo on the play -- sounded like a wonderful evening (except for the MIA babysitter)

Sparkle said...

Congratulations on both counts, what a wonderful evening.

Hope you got to have a glass of champers too?

Nico said...

Ten hours!!! Absolutely amazing. I hope you took advantage and got a good night's sleep yourself. Ant slept for 7 hours last night, but unfortunately I wasn't at all expecting it so I didn't go to bed until 4 hours in... live and learn!

Mony said...

Encore Tricky!

spindleshanks said...

hurray for the play, and all that damn liking going on. and extra hurrays for tricky. ten hours is a v good thing. hope you went to bed early and got lots of those ten hours too. xxxxss

Calliope said...

wow- I hardly know what to high five you on 1st!
Congrats on the play! Wow. very impressed with just how effing productive you are.
& well done on the sleeping baby.
Box office puts me to sleep too. Clearly he is meant for a more exciting area of the theatre.

Em said...

Ten hours of sleep? A four hour feeding schedule? You must share your secrets.

Congrats on the play. Very exciting news.

Nico said...

I wanted to comment on your new post, but blogger won't let me.

The smiles... the smiles! Just amazing. Heart melting. Tear jerking. Worth *everything*.