Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Now We Are Three Months

Darling Tricky boy

Today you are three months old and you are also in Melbourne.

When I first sat down to write this you were shrieking and carrying on... in short you had become your evil other self, the Screaming Tomato.

Your father was carrying you around the motel room, making hushing sounds and doing that rhythmic go-to-sleep patting of your bum. He had a forlorn look on his face because he was unable to soothe you or else because you were stabbing his arms over and over again with your teeny tiny razor sharp fingernails.

NO! you seemed to be screaming. NO I WILL NOT BE HUSHED! I want to be AWAKE and PLAY and make the MOO! sound and also GRASP mummy's nipple in my jaws and SHAKE it violently from side to side and then SMILE in a goofy fashion up at her with my mouth full of LIVING TISSUE so that she will be reminded that she is COMPLETELY IN MY POWER. And I will DIG my teeny tiny razor sharp fingernails into your arms and push my matching teeny tiny razor sharp toenails into your stomach so that you will ALSO be reminded that you too are COMPLETELY IN MY POWER.

I'm not going to say that you're growing so quickly but it is wierd suddenly noticing changes. It's small things like... you're more alert now, for longer, and you watch things go by and you clutch at things when they're waved in front of you and you make the stabbing claw hand of sharp pointy doom.

And you smile.

Oh your smile! It stops us in our tracks and reminds us that the world can be a kind place, a loving place, a beautiful and hopeful place despite all the current evidence to the contrary... the worst drought in 150 years and the not so secret nuclear testing and the elimination of Bobby Flynn from Australian Idol.

You chat and chuckle and as soon as we hear your voice your father and I cluster around you and say encouragingly over and over 'mama' and 'dadda' - it's like we're having a tussle your father and I, to see who you name first because obviously then we'll know who you love most.
You giggle and look, bemused, from one parent to the other because you know that the winner of that little contest is actually your Jingly Cow thanks to Nanny Annie who taught you to say Moo.

We're in Melbourne because we're back to see the show that was created by the arts company your father and I work for.

And here's the strange thing:

Last year at this time, we were here, seeing the same show (a work in progress version).

And we were heading off to Adelaide after that to see the first production of the play I wrote, which is now on in Sydney.

And I'd just had my first IVF transfer.
And it failed.
And we were broken people.

And that's why, on Monday night while we were watching the show and I was holding you in my arms, rocking you and hushing you, and that part of the show came on where the audience is taught to sing Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes in Pitjantjatjara, I felt an odd tugging sensation in my heart.

I remembered singing this song last year, still remembered the words, and I looked down and sang them softly to you. And you looked up at me with your bright shining eyes, full of everything good in this world.

It was as if someone, God or the Goddess or the Universe had given us that time over again, except this time, we had you.

You're asleep now, clutching your soft bear to your chest. Your long dark eyelashes fan onto your round soft cheeks, your tiny hands are clenched shut and your fingers curled like seashells. You're so beautiful, possibly the most beautiful thing we've ever seen. And you're ours.

And your father and I smile at each other because we know, it's true.

We're both completely in your power.


Calliope said...

beautiful post, OV.
I'm so glad that you were able to reclaim a moment.

Happy 3 months, Tricky!

Lin said...

What a beautiful gift and giver of joy is wee Tricky! I am so happy for you all.

And look...your brain is NOT mush!

lucky #2 said...

Those smiles are just the beginning of all things amazing that little Tricky is going to do in the next year. It is an absolute miracle to see how much they change when they are so little!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe this is the something good I've been hoping for. Happy three months, dear Tricky.

heleen + rod said...

And on top of all this happiness your vocabulary is coming back and you're gaining little pieces back of Your Old Self, I notice it in myself, and read it in between the lines in your blog too...

granny p said...

A year ago - and Circular Quay... and now this... wonderful. And the play too. xxxx

LL said...

oh yes, I know that feeling... oh yes... brilliant post OG...

Anonymous said...

Tricky is a lucky boy.

Ova Girl is a lucky mom.

C is a lucky dad.


Anonymous said...

Didn't you wish time froze? Enjoy every minute of little Tricky, time flies...

frangelita said...

I love to hear you writing about Tricky. You truly deserve to be a mother.

Anonymous said...

Damn, girl... you make me cry almost every time!!! Okay, so maybe it's my emotional new mummy brain and not your eloquent heartwarming way of expressing things ;)!

Dramalish said...

Why haven't I commented on this brilliant and lovely letter yet? Damn, I'm slacking! So yes, the whole smile restoring our faith in the world as a good place thing...I love that.

Happy 3 mo. Tricky.