Monday, September 25, 2006

Attack of the Screaming Tomato


Have just managed to clear head from total brain fog after three nights of hellish Screaming Tomato every hour on the hour from 2am….

Amazing how with just an uninterrupted block of 4 hours sleep a person can go from feeling like maniacal non-coping Mother of Screaming Tomato to calm, slightly bemused, coping-well-enough mother of dear little Current Bun-head boy. Can wash hair. Can wash clothes. Can even tend to blog. Will now stop writing like a demented Helen Fielding character.

Last week C and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary (which is 12 years of being a couple – we enjoyed a long engagement) with a posh dinner out.

Yes! Dinner! Out! Sans Tricky, who was looked after by his Blessed Aunty N.

At 7.30 I mooched up to her with the baby.

What are you doing still here? she hissed, in a quite good impression of Gandalf clinging by his fingernails to the edge of a Morian mine chasm with a Balrog dangling from his knees while the rest of the Fellowship milled about aimlessly, wringing their hands.
He’s been fed, burped and changed. And had a top up. Quickly! Fly you fools. Fly!

And so we did as if all the orcs in Middle earth were at our heels. I left my cruddy maternity jeans on (the only pants that still fit me) but swiftly popped a fresh, slightly fancy top over my less than fresh maternity bra.

In a few seconds I had gathered up my hair in one of those fashionable ‘bed head’ type pony tails and slung on an enormous beaded pendant necklace that would draw the eye down from my dark circled eyes. In the car I applied some lipstick I found at the bottom of the handbag I never use anymore because it’s too small to hold disposable nappies, wipes and a warm hat.

And lo I was set!

C proclaimed me beautiful and after a large glass of wine, so did I.

We tried very hard to not talk about Tricky and we almost succeeded. I told C how my sister AJ had explained when I would know I was a proper mother. The moment would occur when I sat down for a couple of moments peace in front of the telly and suddenly realize I had baby poo under my fingernails. Instead of leaping up in disgust and rushing to the bathroom I would casually pick it out and wipe it on my jeans.

First anniversary is paper, said C in an effort to steer the conversation back to adult topics. What is the second? Wood?

No. First anniversary is paper but second anniversary is diamonds, I explained.

We ate French entrée thingys and salmon and something else that was delicious but too much of a stretch to recall at this point. And desserts. Oh la. The most delicious chocolate cake ever and a rhubarb and ginger cream mille feulle (spelt wrong I believe but too knackered to google).

It was fabulous and too expensive even though a little man did come forth and shave our tablecloth free of crumbs which is always a nice thing to have happen.

The week continued in fine style with Tricky’s 8 week immunization which I believe is for Tetanus, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough, Hep B, Polio, Poor Fashion Sense and Misuse of Apostrophes.

At the GP’s I asked if I could have breastfeed the baby while she gave him the injections.

She looked at me, confused.
I don’t think that’s necessary, she said.
I think it will help, I explained.
Well, she said. In my experience all babies cry but sure if you want to, go ahead.

So I did.

It is a horrible thing to see an enormous needle plunging into your baby’s thigh. He stopped sucking and opened his mouth wide to scream…and then instantly went back to sucking. There were two tears at most. It was as if he’d been half way through a mouthful of the most delicious, if poorly spelt, rhubarb and ginger cream mille feulle ever ...and suddenly seen the bill. But then without thinking he had shoved another mouthful of rhubarb and ginger cream in, and the bill was miraculously torn up and scattered to the wind.

If the GP was impressed she didn’t show it but I like to think she may have learned something at that moment. I felt vindicated. I had successfully comforted my baby.

Even with clean fingernails I felt like a proper mother.


lucky #2 said...

Happy Anniversary! It is nice to go out as adults without the baby, but you are right -- it is hard to NOT talk about the baby! :)

As for the successful immunizations -- that is GREAT!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I love our anniversaries... even more than birthdays.

Congratulations on the clean fingernails and whopping success as a proper mother!! You ROCK as a mommy :)

heleen + rod said...

you just forgot the 'i' in mille feuille, but that's just what new mums do I guess...

LL said...

Wow - "special grown up eating time"... was there any "special grown up naked time" after???

OvaGirl said...

Well, no LL because that would mean we couldn't stay for dessert. Such was the slim window of baby asleep time.

Sad isn't it?

Calliope said...

Happy Anniversary! 12 years- wow, wow!
Glad that you guys were able to get out and be people first, parents 2nd.

Anonymous said...

You know, I wouldn't have thought it was possible, but your posts have actually become MORE entertaining as time goes by. I am always happy to see you've posted something new.

Oh! And Happy Anniversary!

cat said...

Happy Anniversary you right proper momma you.

Eggs Akimbo said...

You are so a proper momma!

granny p said...

something up with your comments...three times yesterday I tried to post one, put in your little line of letters. Twice I got a message no data...try again.

Being a proper mother is loving your kid to bits - but also sometimes just loving being without it.... necessary - children are a delicious (and sometimes painful) life sentence, quite right too, but not a prison.

Happy Anniversary - late!


soralis said...

Happy belated anniversary!

I really hated when my boys have to get their shots, sounds like your method worked very well!

Take care

cinnamon gurl said...

I told my husband the same thing about second anniversaries -- no joy yet. Maybe for the third?

Good job not listening to your doctor and listening to your gut instead. We should all do that a bit more.

I'm new to your blog, and loving it. (Well, I think I commented once before as kate.)

Happy anniversary!

~ap said...

your instincts are SO spot on. a new study out and about in medical journals relates that breastfeeding actually reduces baby's pain. has something to do with the yummy oxytocin rush that baby gets with the milk.

go, mama, go.

you know so much more than those silly ol' docs. good modeling, too.


(new to your blog, but sent here by my pal, imtboo. i'm due in 3 weeks or so, and am writeanya on livejournal. :D)

happy mommying to you!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you knwo back when my kids were small and i breastfed i Never thought of that when they got their shots..
i think you hit upon a gold mine! ^__^
good tip !!

Lin said...

Very grown-up thing...celebrating an anniversary AND a couple of hours away from Baby T AND clean fingernails, right?
Congratulations, sweets