Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Have Never Not Ever Caused My Toddler To Become Addicted To TV And I Will Not Feel Guilty

As I write this Tricky is sitting on the floor behind my desk.

He is quiet, he is concentrating, he is sitting nicely and he is doing all these things because a couple of weeks ago he was introduced to the crack cocaine that is Charlie and Lola.
He is starting with I Am NOT Sleepy and I will NOT Go To Bed but will quickly progress to But That is MY Book and eventually end with You Won't LIKE this Present as much as I DO!

It's the dvd, not the book, shamefully enough. It's not even as if we had the cosy literary experience first and then the brightly coloured movable feast. We went straight to the made for tv version and now we're hooked.

Sorry, did I say 'we'?

Because the truth is that we're hooked too, that's C and I, big great grownups that we are.
It could be the pleasant musical background to our computery-work, it could be the amusing way that Tricky leaps up at the appropriate moment to get His Toothbrush or To Check The Bath For Whales but if I dig deeper I think it's because we're all deeply deeply in love with Lola.

Lola, for those who don't know, is Charlie's little sister. She is Small And Very Funny. In this series she is voiced by Maisie Cowell (seventy sorts of gorgeousness in the name alone) and in subsequent series by her sister Clementine (and they all live in a little thatched cottage with yellow roses climbing over the door, no not really, just, hello? the cuteness?).

And Lola screams with laughter and makes up stories and exasperates her kind hearted big brother no end but the world is a better place with her in it. I guess I don't have to dig that deep to realise that I wish we had a Lola too, a real Lola for her big brother Tricky.

And for me.

But in the meantime we have this dvd which we all love and Tricky most of all. He talks about 'big boy' Charlie and 'his sissa Owa' and checks for whales in the bath and now and then he decides to have a little break and post some plastic coins in Miss Piggy or camp out in his cowboy tent but he always comes back to his cushion for more.

And to assuage my guilt at letting him watch the thing each morning, every morning, while I tap on the computer I make him get up in the jaunty music between episodes and dance raucously, and I get up and dance too and we shout and throw our hands in the air and run once around the kitchen table and jump back down on our seats.

I have this toddler Tricky.
He is small and very funny.
And I am grateful.


Jess said...

We don't have Charlie and Lola here (at least not on our cable - I think it's on the satellite network) and I've only heard good and positive things about it.

And oh, V, I think I'm getting the wants-another too. Although B is resolute in his 'no's and I'm celebrating because Miss R IS OUT OF NIGHT-TIME DIAPERS, I miss....oh, I don't know what I miss. But someone else small laughing at what Rosey says would be nice.

Anonymous said...

Coming out of lurkerdom to let you know that as an avowed No-TV-before-you-are-five parent, I too fell into the L&C love trap.

Because Charlie and Lola are not TV. They are life. I do believe that.


Grit said...

this is good, this is VERY GOOD, because charlie and lola are EXCELLENT and they are NOT POSTMAN PAT who i would like to punch in the face and ram that cat, speaking bluntly, up his smugsmilingvillageidiot backside ... oh dear oh dear, do not worry, ovagirl, because some toddler visual vices are much much worse than others ...

Unknown said...

Ah, yes, nothing to be embarrassed about here. We too love Charlie and Lola, and who wouldn’t be won over by, cuteness personified, Lola. Personally we never miss it. I think the kids like it as well but quite honestly don’t really care…

Krissy said...

I have a Charlie and I got him for my very own just over three years ago. I often dream of child number two and hope it's Lola. And yes, while I wouldn't name a daughter Lola, I would give her a name where the nickname is Lola.

Of course, it's looking increasingly unlikely that we'll ever have an easy follow-up to the general awesome event that was Charlie. But I still hope for our Lola.

Anonymous said...

I just love the way she says "Chaaaarliiie" with that adorable accent.

Betty M said...

We have endless Charlie & Lola here - tv, books, sticker books, jigsaws, paper plates - it is possible to have totally C&L themed life! Personally I am a fan of Clarice Bean Lauren Child's slightly older girl creation.

Betty F said...

Your house Sounds like a wonderful place to be!

Anonymous said...

We don't watch a lot of TV, but today is REALLY hot,and mommy wants to read blogs for just a little bit, SO we are eating yogurt in the living room and watching Arthur. Have not yet discovered the delight that is Charlie and Lola.

I hope, for you, that life does imitate art and soon.

Maggie May said...

Over here, we have Charlie & Lola on TV & every time the grand daughters come into the room they ask if they can tune in! I must say, they are lovely stories. Though Lola is a bit naughty not ever wanting to go to sleep.If she wasn't so endearing she would be entitled to a cross Mummy dealing with her. However Charlie seems to be a miniature psychiatrist who deals with her admirably!
Very addictive!

mig bardsley said...

My granddaughter introduced me to Charlie and Lola and I love them. Unconditionally.