Friday, August 03, 2007

Speak My Language

I’m glad I don’t understand One Yr Old Speak because as I write this my ears would be scorching, nay, scalding, nay, dripping red hot molten flaps of ear flesh.

According to the Screaming Tomato, Mama is variously a pppptttaka! and a bubababagh! And also, I am ashamed to say, a mmmmmmemmmmgh.

It seems that “sleepytime” at 11am is a completely rubbish idea.


LL said...

I am totally rooted if Lil'Mooey refuses to nap... HATE IT!

Em said...

Is Tricky down to one nap per day? M is pretty much there, but she gets so grouchy and overtired that I want to pull my hair out some days.

Anonymous said...

I've called quite a few people mmmmmmemmmmgh in my days. It is usually accompanied with a tight, closed fist shake.

granny p said...

remember it well.....on the other hand I'm sure some of his not-plain- English chatter would be saying things that would make your ears turn red for a different, nicer reason! xx