Saturday, March 03, 2007

No. I don't like it.

The new blogger I'm talking about. Where does it get off forcing me to change L'Eggs Up to the NEW blogger when I was perfectly happy with the old blogger. Previously I had a choice as to whether I wanted to change but today, no, no choice at all. And why is newer better anyway?

See this is just like my so called new mobile phone. C changed our phone plan and so we were offered free upgraded phones. I have barely managed to learn all the doodads on my old phone, but no suddenly I have to use new spanking completely different brand phone with irritating whistling oaf ring and stupid side volume buttons that I press whenever I try to answer the phone. So then I end up shouting 'hello' 'hello I can't hear you...wait wait' as I try to push both little buttons (because of course there are two to confuse me).

The only good thing about the new phone is that it has camera phone on it. C is away for a week, much to his distress, he has only spent 2 nights away from Tricky before and he misses him terribly (bugger me, no not really, he misses me too but Tricky is cuter). Today, I rang C using the stupid irritating phone but using the cunning camera call thingy. He was able to see Tricky's sweet little currant bun face and I was able to see C's bed hair and too much red wine from the night before pallid skin.


Mony said...

Bullied was I, also.
Such trickery from Bloggga. I was backed into a cyber corner and coerced into "New Bloggga". Bulldozed! Even as I disputed & ducked & weaved!
Tyrant! Definately off my Xmas card list. Tossers!

..It was similar to being forced into a bubble skirt. Logic & humility be damned.

Rachel said...

I, too, had to switch to New Diet Blogger, but I think I'm starting to like it. You should have heard me complain when we had to upgrade the Internet Explorer, now with the tabbed browsing and all sorts of other doodads. I yelled and bitched and moaned, but in the end, I learned to embrace Big Brother (I mean, Microsoft IE).

Wow. What a boring-ass comment. Forgive me, but this is the first time I've been ALONE (w/ a sleeping baby upstairs) in a long long time!

Drew said...

Yeah I agree - that new blogger sucks. I still don't know what its good for since I am so computer-handicapped.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Blogger thingie was annoying, but honestly the new is better. Don't count on the phone improving, though. I got one of those volume on the side can't avoid touching that button when you answer phones a couple of months ago and lasted two weeks before returning it. I just couldn't get it right and it annoyed be beyond distraction. So now I have one that I really don't understand, but I'm a whizz at the volume controls.

charlie's mom said...

New Blogger pisses me off. I was completely shut out from posting or commenting until we upgraded every damned piece of equipment we own. I have no patience for such cr@p as you can tell.

It still takes me ten minutes to figure out how to sign in.

Nico said...

I too was perfectly happy with the old blogger but was recently forced to switch. Bastards!